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Feedback [30 Oct 2019|08:40pm]
Generic feedback entry. If I've had a transaction with you, feel free to leave feedback here or on my page on the eglfeedback community: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/356838.html

Also, if you believe that I've forgotten to leave you feedback, please remind me here or send me a message, and I'll fix that for you (:
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Wishlist [29 Oct 2019|12:36pm]
It seems like every time I make a sales post, I get people offering trades (this is okay, though!), so I'm making a list of things that I like and would trade for, or to be used as a general guideline as to what type of stuff I like.

Wishlist below!Collapse )
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January 2015 sales [06 Jan 2015|11:08pm]
Sales bleurgh!Collapse )
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Some half-assed attempt at closet cleaning [07 Jan 2014|09:39pm]
Several older, rare pieces under the cutCollapse )
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[12 Jan 2011|10:41pm]

So my city is in the process of being destroyed, my house has no power so I'm sitting in my car to charge my phone, drinking a shitty bottle of wine and thinking of scavving a can of baked beans since I haven't eaten dinner (it's nearly 11pm lol)

I went down to my suburb's ferry station earlier to look at the river and it's completely submerged. 13 people have been killed so far so I guess this shit is pretty bad. I went down to the shops earlier, I needed petrol so I stopped by the supermarket and the place is bare.

I'm still not worried though, just somewhat annoyed that I can't sleep with the air conditioning on. This makes me a bad person, doesn't it?

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Writer's Block: Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known [09 Nov 2010|08:46pm]
Who would you appoint as Earth's ambassador to alien races, and why?

Stephen Fry.

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Writer's Block: Me, myself, and I [20 Aug 2010|11:21am]
Which one word would you use to describe yourself, and why?

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